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Signs and Symptoms

Any of the following signs or symptoms may suggest the need for speech-language evaluation:

  • 18 months of age or older and not speaking
  • 24 months of age or older and still speaking in single words
  • 3 years old and not speaking in sentences that others can understand
  • 4 or 5 years old and sometimes difficult to understand
  • A child of any age who doesn’t understand and follow directions as well as his peers
  • Poor grammar and sentence structure compared to peers
  • Limited vocabulary compared to peers
  • A school-age child who is socially inappropriate, doesn’t know how to carry on a conversation with friends
  • A child age 5 or older who is struggling in school, especially with reading and reading comprehension
  • A child age 6 or older who cannot pronounce /r/ , /s/, or other phonemes
  • Frequent stuttering at any age
  • Chronically hoarse, raspy voice quality at any age

Any of the following signs or symptoms may suggest the need for an occupational therapy evaluation:

  • Not reaching developmental milestones of sitting, crawling, and walking
  • Holding a pencil
  • Using zippers, buttons, shoelaces
  • Coloring, drawing, tracing, prewriting shapes
  • Poor handwriting, letter/number formation
  • Difficulty with visual tracking and crossing midline
  • Child appears to be excessively picky when eating, only eating certain types or textures of food
  • Child excessively mouths toys or objects beyond an age-appropriate time
  • Overly sensitive or heightened reactivity to sound, touch, or movement
  • Under-responsive to certain sensations (e.g., high pain tolerance, doesn’t notice cuts/bruises)
  • Constantly moving, jumping, crashing, bumping
  • Emotionally reactive and unable to calm self when upset
  • Difficulty interacting socially and engaging with family and peers
  • Overly focused on one subject (e.g., space, universe, dinosaurs, trains)
  • Poor impulse control
  • Participates in repetitive play for hours (e.g., lining up toys)

Any of the following signs or symptoms may suggest the need for a physical therapy evaluation:

  • Child prefers to turn head only to one side
  • Flat or irregular head shape as an infant
  • Child is not bearing weight on legs by 6 months
  • Child is not sitting by 8 months
  • Child is not crawling by 12 months
  • Child is not walking by 18 months
  • Child walks on tip toes for more than 6 months
  • Going up and down stairs at an age appropriate time
  • Coordinating both sides of the body
  • Poor balance or coordination
  • Irregular walking patterns
  • Poor flexibility and range of motion
  • Poor posture and core stability
  • Low muscle tone