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At age three, our daughter’s speech was difficult for others to understand. We knew this would hold her back in kindergarten. We took her to Connections once weekly and she made rapid progress. Ms. Kathy systematically taught her to pronounce /k/, /g/, /sh/, /l/, and other sounds. She finished speech therapy before she ever started kindergarten, and she was ready!

Pamela Drees

My daughter, Olivia, had an extraordinary experience during her speech therapy sessions with Kathy Webster. Kathy was very professional and had the unique capacity of being playful at the same time which created a supportive atmosphere while staying on task. She was very good at getting Olivia to articulate her wants and needs using questioning techniques and play. Olivia gained a stronger vocabulary and increased her ability to use new words in expressing herself. In a few months, Olivia was talking much more than when she started and she has continued to improve.

I was able to discuss my concerns in an atmosphere that was non-judgmental as Kathy was always willing to respond to my concerns with multiple solutions that were realistic and grounded in solid research. Personally, I learned a great deal in the sessions. I was able to employ many of the techniques that Kathy used during the sessions and I continue to use the techniques. I have a much better understanding of the developmental process. As a result, I feel more empowered to facilitate Olivia’s verbal capacity.

R. Eldredge

It's great to have speech therapy services available locally from someone we know and trust.

Linda Phillips, Director, Weekday Preschool Program, First Baptist Church-Boerne

Finding Connections is the best thing that has happened to my now 4-year-old son, Cole. When he met Kathy, Cole was extremely reserved in social situations and was frustrated on a regular basis because he couldn't communicate well with family and friends. After working with Kathy, it was fun to watch his transformation from a timid little boy into an outgoing young man who isn't afraid to make new friends and talk with his teacher about anything and everything. I look back now and realize how different his life would be without Connections. The relaxed atmosphere and the gentle nature of Kathy's instruction put Cole at ease so he was able to practice and learn without any discomfort. He would actually beg me to go! Kathy helped Cole find a confidence I never knew he had, and I would recommend her to any parent who feels their child could benefit from speech therapy.

Maggie Gentry, Parent

Our 7 year old son has Childhood Apraxia of Speech. He has been receiving speech therapy services since the age of 2. We started at Connections Speech-Language Therapy 15 months ago with Speech-Language Pathologist Chris Ellen Sidoff. Chris is by far the best Speech-Language Pathologist we have seen. My son has made incredible progress and we are so grateful we found her.-

Leah Larsen

Our grandson is currently receiving speech therapy from Kathy Webster and we are incredibly happy with the services. We find Kathy to be very organized and hard working in preparing and delivering the therapy sessions to our grandson. She is compassionate and is always available to listen to our concerns. She has amazing skills to engage our grandson in different tasks during the session and provides us with clear and concise feedback with his progress. We are excited to see the developments our grandson is making. They are truly rewarding!
Kathy is an awesome speech therapist!

Terry & Alice Parr

My daughter has been attending Connections Speech Therapy since 2012. Her therapist, Ann McDonald, is very knowledgeable and thorough. Her friendly personality helps my daughter feel comfortable. As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, the relationship between my child and her therapist is very important to us. It helps make therapy sessions a positive learning experience for our family. Our daughter has definitely made strides in her speech. Her speech is more intelligible now than before. My daughter loves to visit Ms. Ann and Ms. Kathy.

Irene Zakula

After learning that my daughter has Apraxia of Speech and attempting to find the right therapist, I quickly found that many speech therapists in the San Antonio area are not trained to work with children with this disability. After two years of trying out various therapists, we were fortunate to be referred to Kathy Webster. She understands Apraxia and the improvement has been dramatic. In the past two years that we have been with Kathy Webster, my daughter’s speech has gone from incoherent to nearly proficient. I have appreciated the attention and care that Kathy Webster has given my daughter in relation to her specific needs.

Jodi Peterson

First, let me just say that I cannot say enough nice things about Kathy!!! By helping my son speak more clearly, she has made our entire family dynamic more enjoyable. From her very thorough initial evaluation of my son; to her detailed strategy of how to best overcome his challenges; to her implementing her individualized strategy -- she is sincerely invested in my son's development, not only in his speech but in his life. My son not only speaks more clearly, he is so much more confident! He is more outgoing because others can now understand all of the wonderful stories he's telling. Kathy is so patient, respectful and encouraging, not only to my son but to me as well. Kathy is quick to praise and compliment effort and "good talking" and gentle in redirecting them to stay focused and try their best: "That's not your best. Try again." My son ALWAYS looks forward to seeing Kathy because she makes learning fun, and he ALWAYS leaves happy with a great sense of accomplishment. (Which makes Mommy VERY happy, too!!!)Kathy is an extremely special person, who loves what she does, and it shows!”

Kelly Bowers

After struggling in speech therapy elsewhere for several years, Kathy Webster had my son saying his "r" in two sessions

Linda Bowerman, 2nd Grade Teacher, Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary

Connnections Speech Therapy & Kathy Webster have been amazing for our daughter. Kathy’s knowledge, care and love have given our daughter an opportunity we didn’t think she would ever have. She is now able to have conversations & communicate with others…and make people laugh with her thoughts and words. Kathy’s hope and belief in our daughter shows just how much she cares about her students & families.
Our daughter now works with Ms. Loren in Kathy’s office. Loren is amazing also. Our daughter loves to go to speech and is laughing and enjoying her time with Loren. We can’t thank Kathy and Loren enough for the love they share with our daughter. You ladies are a true blessing and a gift.

Amy Boehm

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