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At Connections Speech Language Therapy, we provide comprehensive care to meet the needs of your child, along with one-on-one attention, and a fun, stress-free environment to put them at ease. We work with children as young as newborns, including premature babies. We offer expertise in both Pediatric Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, including the treatment of developmental delays such as issues with feeding, walking and many others.

Speech language therapy

Connections provides speech and language evaluation and therapy services to children in homes, preschools, elementary schools, or our office setting. Our therapy is play-based and goal-oriented.

Occupational therapy

Is your child not reaching developmental milestones (such as sitting, walking, and talking)? Is your child struggling to grasp age-appropriate information? At Connections, we can help your child overcome developmental delays.

Physical therapy

Pediatric physical therapy helps your child recover from an injury or surgery, as well as addressing specific issues such as improving their range of motion, endurance, and overall motor skills.


Enjoy therapy from the comfort of your own home. Teletherapy is providing therapy through a live video connection, over the internet. You receive the same treatment as you would in person, it's just done through a computer!

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