Our Process



Each child will receive an individual evaluation to assess their strengths and areas of challenge. This is likely to include a thorough case history and medical questionnaire, a parent interview, standardized test instruments, and observation of functional communication in a play setting. Following the evaluation, Connections will provide the parent with a detailed written report that includes results, diagnosis, prognosis, and an individualized treatment plan. Treatment plans are designed to target functional skills that will enhance social communication and academic achievement.

Treatment sessions

Individual therapy sessions will utilize motivating games, manipulatives, and activities to make learning fun. Home practice activities will be provided to facilitate transfer of new skills to other settings and enhance progress. Consultation with other professionals, for example, school I.E.P. teams, can be provided upon request. To ensure the best possible outcome, the therapist will collaborate with physicians, teachers, or other service providers who work with your child. Progress updates will be provided regularly to document the child’s improvement and accomplishment of goals.